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ISA se refiere generalmente a los propios zócalos de expansión, que se denominan zócalos (slots) de 8 bits o de 16 bits. En realidad, un zócalo de 16 bits está formado por dos zócalos de expansión separados y montados el uno a continuación del otro, de forma que una sola tarjeta de 16 bits se conecta a ambos. What is a PCI Slot? - Definition from Techopedia A Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slot is a connecting apparatus for a 32-bit computer bus. These tools are built into the motherboards of computers and devices in order to allow for the addition of PCI devices like modems, network hardware or sound and video cards. [Solved] ISA Expansion Slot - Forums - CNET Is it even possible to purchase a new desktop with ISA expansion slots? I am in dire need of one and i cant seem to find one anywhere. I would like an intel processor with windows 7 professional. Expansion Slots Function -

ISA slot datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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5 Expansion Cards to Enhance Your PC Your desktop computer's motherboard probably has one or more expansion card slots which you can use to add new functions, special connection ports, or powerful graphics capabilities to your computer.

Ah, finally a question I can sink my teeth into. That is an excellent question. What is the function of a PCI slot? Well, congratulations sir! You have used the proper wording in asking your question. What is Expansion Slot? - Definition from Techopedia The Altair 8800 was the first slot-type expansion card bus added to a microcomputer. It was developed in 1974-1975 by IBM Corp. The expansion slot opening is generally located on the back of a PC and provides an electrical connection to the motherboard for an expansion card. Screws are then used to attach the card to the slot for added security. Expansion Slots - Utilize Windows Image 228.1 – ISA Slots. Although ISA can still be used for specialized purposes, we won’t see it in personal computers any more. ISA was replaced with more advanced bus called PCI. PCI. The first type of expansion slot we need to be familiar with is the PCI orPeripheral Component Interconnect expansion slot. Although it is now being ... Expansion card - Wikipedia In computing, the expansion card, expansion board, adapter card or accessory card is a printed circuit board that can be inserted into an electrical connector, or expansion slot, on a computer motherboard, backplane or riser card to add functionality to a computer system via the expansion bus.

The Amiga 1200, or A1200 (code-named " Channel Z"), is Commodore International's third-generation Amiga computer, aimed at the home computer market.

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