Man smashes slot machines with ax

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Man took revenge on slot machines in axe attack Man took revenge on slot machines in axe attack A man took his revenge on slot machines in an Italian bar after losing 5,000 euros (£4,330). Nure Bregu, 47, marched into the bar armed with an axe and smashed seven machines as other customers dived for cover. CCTV: Man uses axe to attack slot machines - Telegraph CCTV: Man uses axe to attack slot machines A man has been caught on camera in Italy attacking slot machines with an axe in an apparent fit of anger at money that he had lost.

A California man has won an $11.8m (£9m) jackpot after betting just $3 (£2) on a Las Vegas slot machine. The man - who has only been identified as Rodolfo T - placed the bet while on holiday at ...

2009-10-4 · 6.1 Frames and Machines Example 7, page 1 of 2 7. While standing on a 50-lb platform, a 150-lb man supports himself by pulling with force P on the rope. Determine the value of P and the force that the man's feet exert on the platform. Assume that the … M&Ms is accused of 'indoctrinating children into gambling 2019-4-12 · Food brands were last night accused of 'indoctrinating children into gambling' with treats based on slot machines and roulette. MPs and campaigners were horrified after M&M's started selling a … Churchill Downs Incorporated Completes Transaction to

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The video above shows a man with a full size axe walking very calmly into a bar in Italy before smashing up a number of the slot machines in the establishment. According to local news reports the man had been playing the slot machines the previous week and had lost an estimated €5000 wagering on them.

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